4 Applications to Assist You on Instagram

Is managing your Instagram account giving you a hard time lately? Well, there are tools available which can help you find people to start conversations with and to aid in developing your presence on the platform. Although these require your effort, the time you spend will surely be worth it.

#1: Iconosquare

Iconosquare enables you to use various filters to reach posts and followers that you intend to target, through a hashtag. Also, you can find the potential influencers in your specialty with the tool. From the photos you will see on the app, you can start conversations with both similar and influential people. Furthermore, it comes at an annual price of $261 for each Instagram account, which is quite decent for a hashtag search. Overall, Iconosquare is an application that enables you to find people and potential followers much faster.

#2: HootSuite

For hashtag monitoring with a dashboard design, you may opt for Hootsuite. Also, you can search like-minded people much more easily with the app. Furthermore, it enables you to monitor different social media channels. Lastly, there is also a Team plan in which you have to pay a monthly $35 minimum for each user.

#3: Sprout Social

If you would like an app which has a search function for hashtags, locations, and people, then Sprout Social may be ideal for you. This social media management application is capable of tracking keywords, which enables you to respond quickly to people that you see. Anyway, you need to pay a monthly fee of $99 which may be expensive, but it is not limited to Instagram only.

#4: Agorapulse

Agorapulse enables you to monitor Instagram for both hashtags and locations. What makes it doubly great is that you can use it on Facebook and Twitter as well. Also, it comes with unlimited reports, so you can find new users through ads.

Last Resort: Bots

Bots such as FollowAdder are quite capable of increasing your follower base. Furthermore, you no longer have to spend so many hours on the platform, since they will do the work for you. A great read for you is https://incomeartist.com/instagress-shut-round-lost-war-continues/ as he suggests various methods for automation users.


Installing a few applications can be of great assistance to Instagram users. Although you still may have to exert effort, such management apps can keep you more organized than without them. Lastly, if you ever get tired of spending time on Instagram and still want to grow your account, you can opt for bots.