A Rookie’s Guide to Cruise Etiquette

So, are you about to take your month-long cruise vacation? Nice! But, before you get excited, it is essential to know what to do and what not to do when inside the ship. What follows is a rundown of tips and ideas to help you have the best possible experience.

Keep the Cabin Tidy

No one has to tell you to clean up space around you – just do it. And, space here doesn’t mean your cabin only. If you have the biggest suite on the ship, for instance, you have to tidy up the storage area. Be sure to keep the shelves and drawers neat. That way, it will be easy to locate your items and those of your fellow cabin mates.

Allow Others to Recharge Gadgets

Here is the thing – there never seem to be enough electric outlets to recharge all the devices including smartphones, laptops, and cameras.  So, what do you do? Well, the easiest way to ensure that everyone’s gadgets are full of juice is to recharge in turns. On top of that, be sure to stash gadgets not in use in drawers to preserve battery power.

Maintain Good Bathroom Behavior

Whether you’re applying makeup or taking a shower, make sure that you’re mindful about others who will use the space later. Don’t leave items lying or hanging around. In other words, pack your boxers and bras before leaving the bathroom. Also, don’t take too long in the shower since other people will want to clean themselves up.

Use Anti-snoring Devices

No one wants to wake up to your loud snore. It is, therefore, essential that you carry anti snoring devices before boarding the ship. Other than that, don’t forget to turn off the lights at night. The long and short of it is that you should make sure that you create a good environment where everyone can sleep soundly.

Avoid playing loud music if you’re a night owl. Don’t play any music at all if you plan to have late night parties. Keep in mind that some of your companions could be early risers and would want to have some peaceful rest to enable that to have a productive day ahead.

The Bottom Line

Nothing beats a cruise vacation. However, ignoring simple thing could ruin the entire experience for you and those that you’re traveling with.  Set rules for romance and don’t be afraid to speak your mind if your fellow traveler is not in his or her best behavior.