Best tips for selecting swing sets

Nothing makes a parent happier than having happy children. Many engage in many fun ways to ensure maximum joy to the kids. A better way to entertain kids at home is by having a swing set in the yard. Swing sets come in many sizes and materials; a parent will need to put various guidelines into consideration before purchasing a swing set. Some factors to consider are:

Put into account the size of your yard

Never rely on the photos you find on the internet, a swing set size may have been zoomed, or the company may own large showrooms. Visit dealers in person after measuring the size of your yard. Remember to know the spaces to leave for other outdoor activities to avoid inconveniences. Also, leave space to accommodate future developments in the compound. A family always grows and may need to add some outdoor activities in the yard.

Look for features that interest your kids

Swing set has many features which differ in each one. It is always good to know your child preferences, like sliding, swing, skipping ropes and monkey bars. You can either visit a dealer in the company of the child or take them to neighbors who have the sets to know what to buy. Look for features that can be converted to fit all ages. A parent will have children who vary in age, so an older toddler will not find it fun in swinging with a young child’s set. Choose a set that can grow with kids; it will facilitate all the kids regardless of the age.

Research on various construction materials

A swing set can be of:

  • Plastic
  • Redwood
  • Yellow, red or northern white cedar
  • Pine
  • Wood treated with pressure

In material consideration, look for longevity, sturdiness, eco-friendly, rot resistance and customization possibility. Be very careful with pine material for it is known for high rotting levels and deteriorates fast.

Ensure the swing set meets safety precautions

Prevention has always been better than cure. A swing openings should be 3.5 inches to 9 inches; it makes sure that no cases of head entrapment occur in all ages. The spaces need closing to have the young ones enjoy without fear.

Look for sharp edges especially if it is a metal one, it will prevent crush and pinches of fingers and other body parts.


Use of proper materials, professional installation like Swingsetfun and proper following of the precautions will ensure safety to your kids. A long term enjoyment of the swing set is a guarantee when the manufacturer’s instructions are followed and if a parent maintains the unit.  Be very careful if your kids are young to avoid cases of falls, pinch and entrapment.