Essentials Of Boilers Servicing For New Homes

When moving into a new home, it is essential to check over the central heating and boiler system. Even if it is mid-summer, it is important to get these two things checked, so that you are prepared for the cold months ahead. Here are some easy tips to consider while getting your central heating ad boiler system checked.

  • It is essential to hire a local EcoHeat plumbing service who can visit you at a single call to check your boiler system. You can even hire a local registered company to do it every year as a routine maintenance check. Your heating or plumbing engineer will give you a detailed description of your boiler health, the wall thermostats, the programmer etc.
  • Make sure to make notes of the instructions given by the local plumbing company as well as their contact details, the model and make of the boiler and other important information. This would help you to reach out to them in case of emergencies, in a moment.
  • Your plumbing engineer can also guide you in checking whether your heating and plumbing system conforms to the modern building regulations. You can ask them to check all gas appliances, to ensure safety. Old and unused ones can be removed.
  • Your plumber can educate you on the placement of the main water tap of the house, in case you need to operate in situations of a burst pipe or any other issue.
  • Commission a gas safety check of the whole house when you are moving into a new one, just to assure you peace of mind. It might cost you a little more but it will be worth it.
  • Schedule your next service in your diary after conforming to the service company.
  • If you find a modern combination boiler at your new house, you can ask your plumber to show you the operation of filing the loop valves as well as reading the water pressure gage. Make notes of the same and keep safely.

Remember to stay safe always, especially when your gas appliances and boilers are concerned. Always keep a regular check-up schedule handy. Choose a Gas Safe registered plumber only who can act readily in emergencies. There may be regular maintenance check-ups and there may be few emergencies. Ensure that your heating and plumbing service provider is equipped to handle both.