Explore Different Types Of Can Openers Along With Their Use

In present scenario, a can opener has become a useful thing since you purchase much of the food that comes in a can. Right from the meat to beans, every food comes in a sealed pack can, moreover, this is just beginning. In this case, a can opener would become a useful tool. Depending on the cutting applications, a can cutter comes in several types. To know more about different types of can, just hit cursor at http://cancutters.com/can-openers-for-seniors/.

Claw-shaped can opener

It is one of the most popular mechanical can openers. It is also known as lever-type opener since it comes with a lever in order to open a can effortlessly. It is a portable as well as hand operated tool. This can opener comes with a long guard in order to stop curved blade from piercing deep inside the can. Usually, this type of can openers is used in household applications. While using this tool, you need to be careful since it will result in sharp-edge container and lid.

Manual openers

Church key opener – It is other popular type of hand operated can opener. The best part of church key opener is that it is simple to use, durable and affordable. This type of can opener comes in a single metal piece with pointed edge. To use this type of can opener, you need to puncture the can with the help of the pointed edge. By applying few efforts, you can easily pierce the lid or can’s upper surface. It offers you quick working.

Bunker opener – It is also a manual as well as one hand-operated can opener. Usually, the edge of this can opener holds the lid with the help of the pliers.

Key opener – It is other single piece and hand operated can opener. Key opener is same as regular key and comes with the twisted edge. These days, most of the containers come with this type of can opener so that customer can easily open the container by just twisting the key.

Electric openers

These types of openers run on electricity and are commonly used for commercial purposes. You can get them both with cords or without cords.

Bladeless can openers

As the name suggests, these can openers do not have blades and hence they do not cut open the lid. The edge of the can is uncrimped by the opener for opening it. In comparison to other openers, these are safe to use.

Other type of can opener

Along with above mentioned can openers, there are several others available in the market such as butterfly can opener, single wheel can opener, side can opener, countertop opener, electric opener, pull tabs etc. These days, electric openers are also in vogue and you can find them everywhere right from local cafeteria to late night pubs. Moreover, electric openers are also used in household can opening applications.