How Hyperthermic Detoxification Using Infrared Sauna is Effective than Traditional One?

For centuries steam baths and saunas have been used all around the world for detoxification. In the past, saunas were believed to diminish pain, enhance mental clarity, and promote longevity. Development in heat therapy has enhanced in the past several years. Hyperthermic therapy is a subject appeared in the scientific literature, which has been researched extensively. The research shows that saunas assist a lot in removing accumulated toxins.

Organic toxins like pesticide residues as well as metal toxins like mercury is excreted through sweat in large amounts during properly performed hyperthermic therapy session. There are two methods of sauna used – traditional and infrared. Visit to read about the benefits of both methods.

Heat forces out the toxins from the cell and toxic molecules moves to lymph fluid. Sweat is produced from lymph fluids, thus it is thrown out with the sweat. The burden of eliminating toxins by liver and kidney is decreased. Therefore, in case where the function of kidney and liver is impaired, toxins can leave the body.

Human growth hormone level gets enhanced with hyperthermic therapy. The growth hormone is responsible to maintain the lean mass.

Patients suffering from fibromyalgia can restore the normal function of autonomic nervous system using heat therapy. Autonomic nervous system regulates the unconscious functions like sweating, muscle tension, blood pressure, balance, and digestion. With repeated hyperthermic therapy sessions, you can get assistance in correcting the digestive issues, muscle pain, visual disturbances, as well as dizziness.

Infrared sauna sessions are more effective

People suffering from chronic issues can find high temperatures in sauna rooms intolerable. The reason is that in traditional methods heat enters the body from the skin surface. Even when you feel hot sitting in this room the heat is shallow.

On the other hand, infrared sauna unit invisible light rays emitted penetrate deeply inside the body fat and muscle. Thus creates more potent detoxifying influence upon your body’s deep tissue.

Since air temperature in infrared sauna suite remains low than traditional sauna room, you will feel more comfortable. Sweating starts before you feel hot and it is more profuse than traditional sauna.

In the traditional sauna room, user feels exhausted, but infrared sauna suite sessions are very energizing. Many people use infrared sauna unit before going to work, every morning, which they would avoid with the traditional sauna.

Sweating out the toxins is easy, but even a healthy person needs to remember certain things before entering the infrared sauna unit and after coming out of it.

  • Use sauna replacement nutrient prior stepping inside
  • Your detox cocktail is necessary to be taken, after coming out
  • Take your daily nutrients 12 hours later