How to Build an Instagram Profile That Everyone Loves

Building a profile for yourself at Instagram is one thing, building one that stands out among the rest is something entirely different. We all know the saying you get only chance to make a first impression, so that’s how important this is. If it looks a little off they don’t even browse your timeline anymore and not a chance they will click that follow button. For that reason, I want to teach you how to build an Instagram profile that everyone loves.

Make sure your bio section is as relevant as it can be, don’t say things like “Hey I’m a mom of 3 daughters and one son”  because everyone is doing that already and why would they care about that? You’re better off saying something like: “Hey I’m a daycare provider and have been nominated for the best mom of the year trophy”, this sounds a lot more professional and sets you apart from all the other moms as they expect you to be a professional in your field.

Same for your photo, don’t just take a photo of you with your kids, take a photo at the daycare center, preferably with an award logo pasted in and a whole bunch of children around you. That’s what gets you noticed among your peers. Another way is to have Instagram recognize you with a blue badge, you can do this by setting up a business profile and by doing so people give you a lot more credit then you perhaps deserve. Play the game in the most positive way and you gain a headstart from the moment you sign up.

If you are into daycare or work with children in other ways do make sure you have permission from the other parents, not everyone appreciates it when photos of their children pop up left and right on the web, people might even sue you for this so know what you are getting involved in. Sometimes it’s easier to just grab some royalty free stock photos and post these instead of the kids around you, and no one will even know the difference, for some uniqueness you can always post photos of your own kids instead.

Some posts that do really well on Instagram are selfies, and the same applies to square shots, how you fill that in is up to you, I’m just here to give you some pointers. Perspective spots from an angle are one of the most viewed ones so make sure you don’t forget to take those.