How to know that PPI is mis-sold to you?

Most often, the PPI policy is not clearly explained to the borrowers by the sale officer. PPI is sold to you at the time when you are granted credit or loan. The motive to sell PPI is that it would insure the monthly payments to be made on the credit granted to you. But, the company fails to do so when the borrower needed the help. There is solution to every problem; you only need to find it out. Similarly, there are companies who fought on behalf of you to claim the mis-sold PPI without realizing it. It is mis-sold in case the sales officers do not clearly explain about PPI to the customer or say that for seeking the loan it is essential to purchase etc. It is necessary to read all the documents carefully of the loan agreements to find that you are not cheated by the company. check out here to know about mis-sold PPI.