Ready for Some Instagram Stories?

When Instagram decided to roll out its stories feature, it came with a lot of hype. The feature allows users to post images and photos that can be viewed in a span of 24 hours. This is a great tool that you can use to spearhead your Instagram marketing efforts for various reasons.

It Is Free

You don’t have to pay a dime to use the feature. Compared to sponsored ads which cost you some cash, stories are free to set up and use. You can set up the stories in minutes and start posting the stories immediately. This makes it the perfect tool for small companies that are just starting out and are looking for a way to advertise without incurring high costs.

As a small business, you can now start your marketing campaign with zero or limited budget. With this ability, you can test the feature and adapt to what your audience wants instead of going overboard.

Enjoy Raw Advertising

Instagram stories allow you to use full screen ads incorporating images and video clips. You can now focus on delivering the right content to cement your connection to your users.

The ads allow you to reach a targeted audience, something that other ads don’t provide. Studies have shown that 20 percent of the stories lead to a direct message from users. This level of engagement means you create a deeper connection with your users.

Get More Followers

When it comes to getting followers, you know that you have o do what it takes to get as many as possible. The more followers you get the better. Delivering the right stories makes users sit up and notice, something that helps grow your following.

Even when you use stories, make sure you come up with relevant hashtags to make you visible to all users. For instance, if you deal in selling laptops and laptop bags, you can come up with a story that touches on these computers. With the right kind of advert, soon you will have users looking for these products. If you handle the sales the right way, you end up with more followers.

You can as well boost your following by using automation using a popular too. Spire reviewed it and found it to be suitable for the role.

In Closing

There is a reason why Instagram came up with the stories feature. You can now explain so much more and advertise your business in so many ways, all for FREE.