Useful Tips For Wedding Photography

If you are an amateur photographer and your friend has chosen you to shoot his wedding, you must be feeling nervous. You must be worried about your first wedding photo shoot. While shooting the wedding, the photographer has to give his best because wedding is an important day for both the bride and bridegroom and both of them want their best wedding photos. Wedding photography requires lots of skills and experience. If you are inexperienced, it would be quite difficult for you to capture and create wedding photos in the best way.

Wedding photographs remind the couples of their special day. To know all about perfect locations for wedding photography, you can visit If you want to be the expert in shooting wedding ceremonies, you should follow the tips given below-

  • Make shot list – Before the wedding day, you should meet the couples to know about their choice of shots. You can ask them about their favorite photo shots and accordingly you can capture the shots on their wedding day. You can create a checklist of shots so that you will not forget even a single shot.
  • Know about the wedding location – Before the wedding ceremony actually begins, you can see the wedding location carefully to note down where you can capture the best shots. Find the best locations for photo shoot and ask the couple to give their favorite shot at that particular location so that you can capture and create beautiful wedding photos.
  • Be well prepared – Be prepared for all the hurdles that can ruin your wedding photography because problem can come anytime and anywhere. You can’t be spared from it. Always make your backup plan ready for such cases. Take extra batteries and memory card with you while going to shoot the wedding. Before leaving the house, check whether you have kept every important thing in your bag or not.
  • Camera sound should be turned off – Beeps of the camera during wedding vows, kiss and speeches doesn’t make good sense. So, it is better to keep the sound of your camera off while shooting the wedding. Capture the whole wedding ceremony without camera sound.
  • Shoot each and every small detail – Don’t forget to capture the photo of wedding dress, wedding ring, wedding cake, bouquet, etc. Photographs of all these things can add up in the wedding album. It will make the wedding album look complete.