Ways Actors Can Increase Their Instagram Following

Instagram is without a doubt one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Now, this alone makes it a vital networking tool for an actor today. Whether you are just starting or you are an established actor, this is the tool for you, but you must acquire a massive following. Building up an audience may seem easier said than done, and therefore you need to equip yourself with handy tips to learn and grow your following. Here are easy tips you can use to attain this.

Check Your Bio

You may think that your Instagram bio is good enough. It is actually not if it does not wield a surprising amount of following. Ensure that you accord it the attention it deserves. You need to take it seriously, just like your resume. Ensure it includes who you are, as well as what you do. Try also to include some of your interests as an actor and what belief you support. Doing this helps you to attract a following that may not necessarily familiar with what you do but share a few interests with you.

Go For a Growth Service

A growth service will help you get a huge following on Instagram. Go for one if you are not sure on how your way around getting a vast audience. Such a company provides an easy and convenient way to grow as an upcoming actor. They research and create unique hashtags for your content as well as the audience.  They will help you also to implement a growth strategy and also optimize your Instagram account progress.

A growth service assigns a dedicated account manager to contact when growing your Instagram account. Speaking of which, he’s reliable information you won’t get anywhere else on how to go about using a grow company and what the entire process entails. Keep in mind that it is all about getting the value for your money.

Use Your Phone Contacts

Ensure to sync your phone contacts and email to your Instagram account. This is the surest way to connecting the contacts that you have made over the years. It is through co9nnecting with them that you can open doors for even more people to follow you.


Be patient but persistent. Acting is a lasting career, and an organic audience takes time to build. Nonetheless, with the above and more tips, you can relax knowing that your following will grow.